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Support our young artists' exciting odyssey in numerous arts disciplines as students hone their creativity with the guidance of professional educators and artists.

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The Chicago Public Schools Advanced Arts Program

With your help the Chicago Public Schools Advanced Arts Program will continue to be a safe and joyful retreat for our remarkably talented and deserving young artists. Many of our students come from underserved communities and AAP provides these students an artistic community of creativity, acceptance, and excellence. Without AAP many of these students would never have the opportunity to learn and express at such a high level. AAP offers CPS juniors and seniors courses in Culinary, Visual Arts (Animation, Drawing and Painting, Creative Arts & Ceramics, Photography, and Videography) and Performance Arts (Dance, Modern Band, Theater, and Vocal). AAP provides Ventra credits for transportation, lunch, and all course materials, at no charge to students or families. Each AAP course includes a CPS arts educator and a professional artist. AAP courses run Monday through Friday from 2:45pm-4:25pm. Thank you for your support.