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CPS Compassion Fund

CPS’ support for our students and families extends beyond the classroom, particularly in times of crisis.

This remains a difficult time for our school communities––especially families who rely on Chicago Public Schools for more than an education. The same students who were at the greatest risk for experiencing the impacts of inequity before the pandemic - including students of color, students from limited-income backgrounds, English Learners, and Diverse Learners, and more - were the most profoundly impacted by this historic crisis. The need continues and the opportunity to make an impact is great.

We’ve heard from school leaders how vital the Compassion Fund’s flexible relief has been during challenging times, and how there's a critical, ongoing need for their school communities. Families still need assistance providing for basic needs, and schools still need extra support in their classrooms. It’s become more clear than ever that students’ academic and personal growth is at stake. Your generosity, and that of many others, allows us to continue meeting these urgent needs as they arise for CPS families and school communities.

As we move ahead in this difficult moment, the Compassion Fund continues to provide critical support to students and families facing adverse circumstances, and to promote a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment. This includes:

  • Direct emergency relief for families with extenuating circumstances to support with rent, meals, bills, hygiene needs, and more
  • Support for graduating seniors to ease the post-secondary transition––including funds to address barriers on their path to college such as deposits, textbooks, travel, etc
  • Continued support for technology––including devices and connectivity
  • School resources including culturally relevant books, school supplies, classroom updates and calm corners, social emotional learning supplies, transit cards, and more
  • Social Emotional learning support for classrooms to help process trauma and grief
Thanks to your generosity, we have supported hundreds of schools, and tens of thousands of students and families. We will continue together to ensure our families are supported and that students and educators are equipped to succeed.