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Contribute to the Compassion Fund

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CPS Compassion Fund

CPS’ Support for our students and families extends beyond the classroom, particularly in times of crisis.

This is a difficult time for our school communities--especially families who rely on us for more than an education. With schools across Illinois closed for the remainder of the school-year, the Children First Fund is expanding the reach of the Compassion Fund to continue to best support CPS students and families most impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting school closures. This includes:

  • Direct emergency relief for families facing extenuating circumstances
  • Book distribution to build culturally relevant home libraries
  • Support for graduating seniors to ease the post-secondary transition, including funds to address barriers on their path to college such as deposits, textbooks, travel, etc
  • Continued support for Remote Learning, including devices and connectivity
  • Continued support for CPS’ Meal Distribution efforts
Thanks to your generosity, we can work together to ensure our students and their families are safe and supported, and the resulting impact of this crisis is minimized.